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Stress-free Ayurveda

Loving Hands - Abhyanga

Abhyanga has a stress-reducing effect, calms the nervous system and rejuvenates the entire organism.

80 min.: 93,50 €

Free your thoughts - Shiroabhyanga

The Ayurvedic back massage (head and neck) has a relaxing effect, reduces stress and frees the thoughts.

25 min.: 37,00 €
50 min.: 62,00 €

Relaxing full-body massage for mothers to be

Specially tuned to the needs of pregnant women; preventive or also in case of already existing typical pregnancy problems like swollen ankles and stretch marks. Very relaxing for mother and child. Recommended from the 12th week of pregnancy.

50 Min. pleasure time: 62,00 €

Stress-free Classic

Alpina Classic

This back or full-body massage revitalises and loosens the entire musculature and the tissue with alpine oils.

25 min.: 37,00 €
50 min.: 62,00 €

Fragrance Inspiration – Aroma massage

Relaxing full-body massage with personally selected aromatic oils.

50 min.: 62,00 €

Intensive pleas

Sport massage relieves tensions and stimulates the body after a heavy active day.

50 min.: 62,00 €

Warm spring - Hot Stone

A particular massage with hot stones to warm up your body, relax your muscles and unwind your mind. The energetic flow in your body will be reactivated and regulated.

50 min.: 62,00 €

Good for the feet

Lie down, elevate your legs and let your feet be pampered with an intensive massage.

25 min.: 37,00 €

Honey-Back Massage

Tissue binding is often the cause of back aches. The honey deeply penetrates the connective tissue thanks to a special massage technique. Waste incorporated in the connective tissue can be loosened and expelled from the body.

45 min.: 55,00 €

Chocolate Massage

Relaxing full-body or partial massage with a chocolate-oil mix.

25 min.: 37,00 €
50 min.: 62,00 €