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Spring in South Tyrol

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking at the Hotel Saltauserhof in Passeier Valley near Meran – South Tyrol

Nordic walking is the ultimate in outdoor training for the whole body and is fun for all ages! The 16 trails of the Gitschberg Jochtal region offer just the right amount of challenge for walkers…

17 reasons for Nordic Walking:

  • combines nature, fitness and pleasure
  • lubricates the joints, strengthens the bone structure and prevents osteoporosis
  • increases the muscle power in the whole body and makes ligaments and tendons more stable
  • strengthens the tummy and back musculature and prevents postural defects
  • trains the problematic musculature (neck, shoulder, back, chest, buttocks and hip)
  • increased blood circulation in the brain and promotes concentration
  • trains the immune system and protects from infections during regular training sessions
  • trains and improves the coordination of movements
  • stimulates and regulates intestinal activity with regular training sessions
  • reduces stress hormones and improves overall physical wellbeing
  • strengthens and increases self-esteem and lets you live more consciously
  • increases the quality of life thanks to more body awareness
  • increases fat burning and the consumption of calories
  • improved intake of oxygen and transportation of red blood cells
  • increases the good HDL cholesterol and reduces the bad LDL cholesterol
  • stimulates the flow characteristics of blood and strengthens the heart muscle
  • reduces pulse and blood pressure and increases load reserves

If the technique is carried out correctly, over 600 muscles are in constant motion, which is the equivalent to around 90% of all muscles. Through the correct use of both arm and leg muscles, the tempo can be raised and the effectiveness of the exercise increased. When poles are used correctly, they help to distribute pressure throughout the entire body. In addition, the circulatory system is placed under less strain than when jogging.

Nordic Walking in Passeier Valley near Meran

Passeier Valley features numerous Nordic walking routes... along Passirio River leading all the way to Meran or Plan... or walk through forests and over field tracks... or enjoy a walk along the cycling tracks!